Офис: Киев (ул.Багговутовская 17-21)

Категория: Маркетинг

AIR is an international media-tech company that creates the most advanced development products for influencers and brands. Air has been an official certified YouTube partner since 2011.

 What we do:

  • Develop YouTube channels
  • Promote artists on YouTube
  • Create ad projects with brands and creators
  • Set trends in the YouTube world

More about us: http://bit.ly/2snsoUZ



  • Ability to write texts in different styles
  • Experience as a content manager or copywriter
  • Ability to research a product and vividly describe ideas and concepts
  • Ability to independently create creative products from concept to completion
  • Knowledge of English (advanced)


Main responsibilities:

  • Brand content creation
  • Writing and Developing ideas for advertising communications
  • Development of creative ideas and concepts for projects
  • Preparation of proposals and presentations


What we offer:

  • Competitive salary;
  • Work in a stable company in a unique market;
  • Good working environment and great team spirit;
  • Paid vacation and sick leave;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Gym on the office territory, yoga;
  • Lunches for which the company pays 50%, plus coffee, tea, sweets;
  • Eco-adapted office;
  • Impressive corporate events;
  • The opportunity to attend world-class events in the USA, Great Britain, Singapore and other countries;
  • International travel for outstanding employees (we have already seen London, Amsterdam, Dubai: https://bit.ly/3akEks1)


Как сделать видео резюме:
  • Лаконично и креативно расскажи о своих профессиональных достоинствах, достижениях и увлечениях.
  • Расскажи, чем по-твоему мы можем быть полезны друг другу.
  • Видео должно быть не больше 3 минут.
  • Загрузи свое видео на YouTube и впиши ссылку на него в поле формы.