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What is Gyre?

Gyre is a startup company that develops a product of the same name, designed to help increase views and profits through looped online streams without the direct participation of a YouTube blogger.


Why should we choose you?

  • You have experience in marketing and writing texts that sell.
  • You know English well enough to use English-language sources.
  • You have experience working with contractors, freelancers, and outsourcing professionals.
  • You have experience creating texts for websites, advertisements, and letters.
  • You have experience creating content plans.
  • You know how to independently find information on your own, and you have storytelling skills and creativity.

Advantageous experience:

  • Experience with YouTube bloggers and knowledge and understanding of YouTube principles
  • Experience creating SEO texts
  • Experience with English-language markets, understanding of Western consumers’ characteristics, and review of foreign media

What’s the challenge? 

  • Full content support for Gyre.
  • Research and analyze content for creators/influencers abroad and in the CIS, and constantly analyze competitors.
  • Create content strategies.
  • Develop a content plan to work with texts as needed.
  • Create texts for advertising campaigns, naming, slogans, and copy lines.
  • Create selling texts with native integration of products and companies.
  • Create texts for social media.
  • Pack products, websites, success stories, and project information materials.
  • Coordinate the development of the necessary photo/video illustrations.
  • Write texts for the Gyre website, e-mails, and social media.
  • Prepare reports on the created content, its goals, quantity, and effectiveness.


What we have for you:

  • An opportunity to be part of cool projects, working with world-class brands.
  • An endless number of bright cases and a team of professionals burning with ideas and achieving impressive results.


Other benefits:

  • Quality health insurance
  • Professional and English language training sessions
  • Social projects for the soul
  • Equipment during remote work


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