Офис: Киев (ул.Багговутовская 17-21)

Категория: Маркетинг

AIR Media-Tech is in search of a genius. 

We are a global media technology company, the third-largest YouTube partner in the world by traffic, and responsible for the development of over 3,000 creators with an astronomical 500 billion views. We developed the largest ecosystem for creators on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook with over 50 products.

And we are looking for a dynamic person who can take our marketing department to the next level. 

You will be working with the strongest team in your career. 

We will offer you the most exciting challenges in your career, including building international, omnichannel, performance-oriented marketing for the most complex audiences in dozens of countries.

We want a talented, intelligent, and deeply knowledgable expert in marketing. Applicants should be able to understand complex matters, rely on numbers, develop new and creative approaches, and be excited to work in the area of psychology, UX, messaging, analytics, and influencers. Understanding how consumer interests are currently changing is vital.

At AIR Media-Tech, we are dedicated to creating outstanding products for creators. We’re looking for a person to lead a team focused on finding the most effective ways to convey our products and services to our target audiences.


The skills and experience applicants will need:

  • Able to create projections, strategies, and solutions that led to the achievement of business goals (products, marketing, communication)
  • Real achievements in performance marketing and not just spending funds
  • Excellent expertise in modern digital tools (paid promo/PPC, direct marketing, SEO, content, etc.)
  • Understanding of more complex marketing models (guerilla, ambassador, influencer, affiliate)
  • Experience in building data-driven marketing with a passion for analytics and the ability to notice details and patterns
  • The ability to build a unit economy; understanding the main channels and marketing tools (CDJ, USP, value proposition roadmaps, etc.) 
  • Consistency
  • The ability to correctly and carefully plan a budget
  • Strong leadership qualities and a love for people. Maturity. Able to work efficiently without needing to unnecessarily prove oneself or assert themselves over others.
  • Experience in launching new products on the market

Preferred Qualifications:

- Experience with YouTube, creators, influencer marketing, music artists, and their managers

- Experience in promoting products to international markets

- Experience in promoting SaaS products




  • Development of a marketing and communications strategy to build awareness among the target audience and partner’s growth in the ecosystem
  • Strategic marketing budget management to achieve the company's business goals
  • Strategic content management to reach the target audience on platforms and in all communication channels (in AIR CE)
  • Strategic work in the area of unconnected, those being connected, and connected creators to the network for up to 3 months
  • Strategic monitoring of sales and funnel control until the moment of connection

Content & Development

  • Oversee the development process: presentations, creatives, campaigns, messages, and any communication materials 


  • Control and launch of various marketing solutions to attract new creators
  • Search for various ways to grow the number of creators through new mechanics, approaches, and channels
  • Participate in the organization of various educational events to attract the target audience for connection
  • Coordinate with other departments to build the AIR Creators Ecosystem brand through all available image channels (PR, Partnership, Ambassador/Influence)
  • Engage in the organization of community events for creators
  • Manage traffic growth through inbound marketing channels, and work to build the trust and loyalty of the target audience


  • Work in the area that determines the focus by the target audience, markets, categories, countries, and languages, ​​and participate in monitoring the implementation of the sales plan (working with the Head of Sales)
  • Lead generation management with a focus on connecting creators at various stages of the funnel
  • Analyze incoming traffic through various communication channels and monitor the effectiveness
  • Help to develop the CJM
  • Create a plan for the development of drawing Up-sales and Cross-sales 


  • Strategic analysis of competitors, conclusions, and implementation of the best solutions into the ecosystem
  • Strategic work to gain in-depth knowledge about partners and non-partners to achieve marketing goals
  • Collect various information on the target audience to launch communications through all available channels


What we offer:

- High-quality medical insurance

- Training for improving current skills

- Office gym and yoga

- Delicious dinners; company covers 50% of the cost

- Fragrant coffee, tea, sweets, and picnics on the terrace overlooking a beautiful sunset

- Inspirational social projects 

- Eco-friendly office

- Impressive corporate events - The opportunity to attend world-class events in the USA, Great Britain, Singapore, and other countries

- Traveling around the world for outstanding employees (we have already been to London, Amsterdam, Dubai, and more! See some snapshots: https://bit.ly/3akEks1)


If our visions match, we would love to meet you!

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