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Brand Manager

What is Gyre?

Gyre is a startup company that develops a product by the same name, designed to help increase views and income through looped online streams without the direct participation of YouTube bloggers. 


Why would we choose you?

  • You have 2 years of experience as a Brand Manager or Project Manager.
  • You have a good background in digital marketing.
  • You have analytical skills.
  • You know how to build workflows from scratch.
  • You know how to analyze sales funnels.
  • You have experience in creating marketing strategies.
  • You have experience in communicating with clients.
  • You know how to set the right business goals and achieve them.
  • You know how to implement strategic planning.
  • You know firsthand what ROI, ROMI, and LTV are.


What’s the challenge? 

  • Participate in product development, user behavior analysis, and product refinement to better meet users’ needs.
  • Conduct strategic marketing budget management to achieve product business goals.
  • Conduct strategic analysis of competitors, build conclusions and implement the best solutions in the product.
  • Identify the best marketing tools and product promotion.
  • Develop and successfully implement  communication and marketing strategies for the product to achieve KPIs based on ROI and ROMI.
  • Determine the focus for the target audience.
  • Collect target audience information to run communications on all available channels.
  • Search for new formats and ideas, and achieve product goals.
  • Increase LTV customers.
  • Participate in the organization of various educational activities to engage the target audience and sell the product.
  • Organize focus group surveys to identify product strengths and weaknesses.
  • Build operational processes.
  • Control the development of marketing materials.
  • Monitor sales funnels.
  • Automate marketing processes.
  • Prepare reports on the marketing and financial performance of the product.


What we have for you:

  • An opportunity to be part of cool projects, working with world-class brands.
  • An endless number of bright cases and a team of professionals burning with ideas and achieving impressive results.

Other benefits:

  • Quality health insurance
  • Professional and English language training sessions
  • Social projects for the soul
  • Equipment during remote work

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